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Dr. DivX for Mac 2.0b2 Publisher's Description

Dr. DivX... The goal of the Dr. DivX OSS project is to build an application which is portable and capable of transcoding as many video formats as possible to DivX. The software is released under the LGPL license.


  • Able to convert most input files
    Dr. DivX can convert most input files including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, Fraps, AVISynth scripts to DivX.
  • Uses available DivX encoder
    If you install a new version of the DivX encoder, Dr. DivX automatically uses it for encoding.
  • Tweak encode settings
    If required, encode settings can be manually configured for optimal output.
  • Generates DivX files which are playable on DivX certified players
    Since Dr. DivX respects DivX certification constraints, all files generated by the application are guaranteed to playback on DivX certified hardware players.
  • Watch folders
    Monitor user specified folders to automatically convert newly added files using configured output profile.
  • Supports multiple audio tracks
    Convert multiple audio tracks using different encoder settings for each track. MP3, MP3 Surround and AC-3 are supported output audio formats.
  • Supports multiple subtitle tracks in VOB input
    Convert DVD subtitle tracks to DivX XSUB subtitle tracks.
  • Automatically configures encode settings for requested quality level
    User needs to choose only the required quality level, the application does the rest.
  • Include MP3 surround encoder
    Dr. DivX can encode your multi-channels 5.1 audio and video sources to MP3 surround, MP3 surround is backward compatible with ÒNormalÓ MP3 while preserving the full 5.1 channel separation. You will need to use the DivX player 6.4 to take advantage of 5.1 audio decoding.
  • Automatically configures encode settings for requested output file size
    User needs to choose only the required output file size, the application does the rest.
  • Create and load custom profiles
    Manage encoding settings using custom profiles.
  • Preview video crop and resize settings
    Real-time updations of video based on user specified crop and resize values.
  • Batch control
    Re-order, Re-configure and Remove encodes from the batch.
  • Audio track preview
    Playback input audio tracks to confirm correct selection for encode.
  • Track information tagging
    Tag audio and subtitle tracks with descriptive information.
  • Pause and resume encodes
    Resume from paused encode stage.
  • Post encode plugins
    Add and configure plugins which will run after an encode has successfully finished.
  • CLI version of application for scripting
    Use the CLI version of application for automated batch encodes.
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